Friday, January 1, 2010

The largest cash refund I have ever received in a single transaction!

Sometime during the last week of June, we purchased a patio furniture set from Home Depot that we ultimately decided to make as part of our living room set instead because it was too nice to subject to the weather elements outside. We returned to Home Depot to pick-up the set, coincidentally, on July 4th. While my husband was parking the U-Haul truck and as I was waiting for the store reps to locate the furniture, I wandered over to the patio department. The same set was marked for $432 less than what we paid for it because it had gone on sale for the Fourth of July Holiday! I inquired at the Customer Service Desk as to whether or not we were eligible for a refund, showed them our receipt, and they promptly opened up their cash register and handed me the $432 difference in cash! I couldn't believe it. Lesson learned: Those holiday sales really do pay-off. Savings: $432.