Saturday, January 19, 2008

Total amount of money saved (not spent) in 2007

The approximate amount of money saved (not spent) as of mid-June 2007 was $1,944.43 (see An additional savings of approx. $134.30 was calculated as of November 9, 2007, thereby making the total around $2,078.73. $1,423.28 (including the $133.30 saved in groceries—see Blog entry 12-31-07) was calculated from November 9 until the end of December. The total estimated amount of money not spent and re-routed towards other uses in our household is (drum roll) $3,502.01. This amount surpasses the $2,304 mark saved between 2001-2002, and $2,600 saved between 2004 and 2005 (see pages 20-21 of How To Save Money & Organize Your Finances: Tales of an Urban Consumer).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The last coupon used in 2007

I took James and Ma (my mother-in-law) out to Bonefish Grill restaurant, utilizing a $10 coupon, to conclude the holidays, James’ birthday, and to celebrate the New Year. I’m admittedly embarrassed to say how much the meal cost between the three of us—it was a high-end restaurant.

I wanted to finish off the very nice dinner with a light dessert—no big ‘ole hunk of cake, no apple pie ala mode that I’d have to take a doggie bag home since my gut was already stuffed (and continue racking up the bill). Just something to nibble on for later. I thought about going to the grocery store and getting cookies for $3.99, but a dozen will go stale in our house, as James doesn’t eat cookies. I finally spotted Micky Dee’s nearby, so I went there and got three assorted cookies for $1. That’s all I need. Additional savings: $3.

We’ve already seen how I saved $133.30 alone in grocery shopping this year. I am now going to tally all of 2007’s savings. Stay posted…

Grocery store savings from scanning frequent rewards card

Here is the tally of money saved on groceries in 2007, simply as a result of giving the cashier my rewards card to scan. My philosophy: no rewards card, no debit card. Sometimes the cashier asks for it; sometimes they don’t. Doesn’t matter—when I provide it, I love seeing the “minuses” come off of the cash register, even if it’s “only a few cents,” as one cashier smartly remarked to me. 2007 savings at the grocery store: $133.30. (All I did was tally the savings figures printed on the bottom of my receipts) This is what I was able to pull up immediately from Quicken (see 12-28-07 Blog entry) because we debit most of our groceries; the amount is actually more, as I haven’t yet added the amount saved on groceries from the cash receipts. I will quote this figure to the young lad next time, as I hand him my frequency rewards card to scan.