Monday, January 25, 2010

"Don't Wait for Downsizing: 10 ways to prepare now" cover article appearing in today's Post-Standard MoneyWise supplement

Be sure to check-out my article titled "Don't wait for downsizing: 10 ways to prepare now" in today's Post-Standard MoneyWise supplement. It is part of a series of articles written by a team of experts helping Central New Yorkers with employment and financial advice in this tough economy. This particular article chronicles my journey from having been downsized from a federal agency 14 years ago; and includes 10 tips on what to do while you still have gainful employment. I invite you to click on the following link and post a comment (on my or any of the other writers' articles). Further, you don't have to be a Syracusan or a CNYer to take advantage of this valuable advice: